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Our Competitive Advantage

We want to provide the right tools for you to be able to zero in on what matters in your business


Focus more on what really matters to your business so as to grow your clientele and revenue.


Safely secure your clients measurements with us and access them directly anytime you need.


All your client's information is now in the cloud which makes it faster and easier to add new clients


Quickly search and retrieve any client detail in seconds from your phone.

What is Tailor's db motivation

Our goal is to provide solutions that allow better focus on work processes that matter, therby helping you grow your revenue.
With us, the problem of lost client measurements and information is solved, as all information are kept in a safe and secure database for quick reference any time and on any device.
Being part of your business success is key for us, which is why we are providing you with the necessary support and tools to reach your goals.

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